Northfield savings Bank - Teller refused to take my mortgage payment

New York City, New York 1 comment

Instead of mailing (they do not have online banking!) my mortgage payment, I drove to my Bank branch to make my monthly payment.The teller explained that they do not accept mortgage payments.

I explained that the payment would be received after the grace period. She argued that it was due on the first and I would have to mail it. I got it there on time and figured out how to get around their archaic computer system. I just have Sovereign Bank, (which has free online bill pay) send a check to them.

they are the worst bank! I also wanted to transfer $10,000 to the bank across the street.The teller told me there was a $5 check fee. I then asked how much it cost for cash.

She said nothing, I then asked for the cash.She responded, never mind and gave me a check for no charge.



Northfield Savings Bank is in VERMONT...this review is talking about service for Northfield Bank in NEW YORK....not the same place.

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